• If you desire to fulfill your divine mission... this is for you. (no excuses are valid)

Are you living a life of Joy, Passion and Purpose?

It is vital to me to live a life of Integrity, Authenticity and Purpose.

I am an inspired woman of light and I LOVE PEOPLE.

I have been confident and on top of the world... I have also felt that my world was crumbling and lived in fear and uncertainty.

I have discovered and implemented some key things that have blessed my life so much.
I am now more confident in who I am and my path than ever before!

I desire to bless the lives of everyone that is ready to transform and truly step into
CHOOSING the LIFE they want to LIVE!

I invite you to join me on this journey of learning, growth and transformation and RECEIVE LOVE and SUPPORT to BECOME the VERY BEST version of YOU!

Where we use our TALENT, GIFTS, and KNOWLEDGE to INSPIRE, EDIFY, and UPLIFT this planet - in Your Own Unique Way!


Hi! My Name is Livia.

I am The Confidence Coach.

I LOVE PEOPLE.  It is my superpower.

I am a Coach/Mentor. I am a Speaker. I am an Author.

Most importantly... I am a Disciple of Jesus Christ, a loving wife and a mother to 5 awesome kids!

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If you....

-  Desire to honor who you are in every situation
-  Want to strengthen your relationships
-  Connect with others on a deeper level
-  Feel validated, supported and strengthened
-  Want the Confidence to look in the mirror and LOVE what you see... knowing you are Living to your potential and making a difference
-  Love super deals and connections for amazing things
-  Want to live everyday with passion and purpose
-  Feel Relationships, Memories and Experiences are important
-  Need more gratitude, love and peace in your life
-  Desire to lead by example and go for your dreams
-  Know how to manage and work through challenges and emotions quickly
-  Break the cycles that keep you stuck

I highly suggest you add your name to my list and let me love on you as I share gifts, tools, knowledge and other things that bless my life... so you may be blessed as well.

Are You Ready to Commit to YOUR LIFE!?

I love to mentor women individually to take a deep look at 6 areas of life so they can
live in flow and confidently live in peace and joy everyday.
I share with my whole heart and bring TOOLS to CREATE the Life they LOVE!
{plus we will most likely be friends for life!}
If you want to explore this option... please book a call or  email me at "livia {at} learnlivefly {dot} com"

What Others Say...

Jennifer Smith

“Livia is one creative, compassionate woman who radiates kindness and care towards others! She goes the second mile in her service to others and pays close attention to details. She easily makes friends with others and helps them feel comfortable. She is a nurturer to her family and a shining example of righteousness. Her happy and positive attitude empower those around her, and she is a divine daughter of God living her life’s mission!”

Jennifer Smith Be The True U