Privacy Policy

Privacy is important. I like to know that when I sign-up for things that I will get what I wanted and not a bunch of spam. I'm guessing you probably feel the same.

I will send you emails and occasional texts and voicemails... maybe some gifts.

I promise not to sell your information or give it away.

Honesty and integrity are important to me in my life and my business.


My website and all payments are run through secure servers and reputable companies. I have used them for years with no issue.


If you give a testimonial/review or engage with any of my offerings, I can use those in my future efforts. I am very intentional with what I use and will never do anything to harm you.

I hope to pour more light and goodness into you life and that every way you engage with me will be uplifting and edifying.

May God bless you in all your endeavors-

If you every have any issues or receive things you do not want, please reply to my message and let me know so I can update the tags in my system to send you what you really want!

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