Imagine the joy of reading your most treasured temple memories again and again!

What would it feel like to remember something God spoke to your heart in the temple and be able to find it quickly and remember His love and guidance?

* Cherish Memories: Remember the goodness of God as you record the things He teaches you in the temple.

* Strengthen Faith: Journal prompts encourage reflection & articulation that anchor your faith & deepen testimony

* Increased Revelation: Anchor your faith and intention as you go to the temple, line upon line, as you record the moments and the miracles, your capacity to receive revelation will increase!

If you are in Davis County, Utah, I have a few in stock.


*I have a few copies left of the first edition - it is smaller and simpler- great for youth or people who are not big on journaling and prefer a simpler approach. See it here.

Each Journal includes:

- A special note to the reader

- Guidebook of inspiration and tips to enhance temple time

- Yearly Trackers

- Quotes & Journal Prompts

- Pages to record your temple visits (which temple, who was with you, and inspirations)

- Inspiring quotes and scriptures to remind you of the blessings of temple service

- Powerful Questions to Ponder as you align your life, trust in God, and gain strength & wisdom to fulfill your divine assignments

- Journal Pages to record the insights, inspirations & experiences you wish to remember, as well as your miracles

This one journal will last you 5 years of monthly visits!


- Video Walkthrough of author insights to enhance your temple/journaling experience

- Access to the Consecrated Life Community for ongoing support and strength as you learn to more joyfully let God lead your life

*It’s specifically designed in 4x6 size to be small, portable, and easily carried in any temple bag!*

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Helpful Answers

Why do I have to buy more than one?

You don't. We would love you to have them on hand for gifts and to bless those you love!

What size is it?

4"x6" and 150pages. It's the perfect size for your purse or temple bag

I'm not endowed, can I still use this book?

Most definitely. God knows you and loves you and will meet you where you are. You can sit and ponder on temple grounds or study intentionally about the temple at home. If your temple appointment is time consecrated to God in your home with a photo nearby because you can't get to the temple, that works too!

I prefer to just remember and don't want to write it down.

Yes! remember! Always remember the goodness of God. However, truth is, we are all human. Things happen. Memories fade, emotions pass, technology fails, sometimes tragedy strikes. This is not just about you. It's about your legacy! It's about making it easy for your posterity to find and learn from your faith journey. I would love to have a journal like this with my grandmother's handwriting, thoughts, and testimony.

How Does this Benefit my Posterity?

Imagine your great, great-grandson who is going through a hard challenge. Imagine their mother has this journal in her memory box that was given to her by her grandfather. Imagine this mother sitting on the bed beside her son and testifying of Jesus Christ and how He helped her through the hardest times of her life. Imagine her sharing your stories with him and how much they helped her hold on to faith and grow in testimony. Imagine that boy hearing not just his mother's words, but your words, combined with a powerful witness of the Spirit to strengthen him. Imagine how thrilled he would be to receive this journal from his mother and then cherish it and share it with his children 20 years later. This is love. This is light. This is a powerful testimony. This is the ripple effect. It's the strong chains we have the ability to be in our family lines. Your legacy lives on long after you graduate mortality. What you do today matters! Let's make it easy for our posterity to know what we cherished.

Who is this designed for?

The House of the Lord Journal has a simple classy design that makes it great for men, women, and youth!Think of the gifting options...

Anyone having their first temple experience (youth, missionary, endowment)Sealing day / Senior Missionary gift. Someone seeking to develop a testimony of the temple. Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Gift. For your bishop/ministering brothers & sisters / Relief Society Gifts. Grandparents, Friends, Neighbors. Stocking Stuffers / White elephant gifts. Easter Gifts (what’s better than the gift of conversing with Jesus in the temple!) Birthdays, Favorite Things Parties, Retreat Gifts, Someone seeking peace in a difficult challenges.

Possibilities are endless!

*Not everyone can in the temple or has easy access to go often. This book is for them too! There is a guide to how to infuse the power and blessing of the temple into your life, even when you cannot be inside.Purchase Your Journal Today! Buy 5, 10, 50… share the love!It just may be the most meaningful gift they ever receive!

The Story: (because I like to know how things came to be, and maybe you do too!)

This book was born from a desire in my heart to instill a love of the temple in my children, then came an idea, and ultimately a heavenly message from a beloved grandma in the temple to ‘do it now.’

Let’s go back to the idea…

Some of my most treasured memories as a youth were the temple trips with my friends and family. I wish I could easily find the journals from my youth to share with my children. What if my kids could have their memories saved from the beginning?… an Idea was born! The first few batches we made by hand. I soon realized I couldn’t make them fast enough. More Ideas came as I used mine for 3 years… which brings us to the one you see before you today.

It is a labor of love and an expression of my heart. Every word, every question, every element was designed with you in mind and with the approval of a loving Father in Heaven. I hope you FEEL my love, and His as you use it often. I hope you preserve it in your temple bag and for your posterity. I hope they feel your love and are strengthened by your faith, your challenges, and your testimony for generations to come. Imagine the joy your great, great-grandchildren will have in receiving & cherishing it!

I am honored to be an instrument in the hands of God to bring this to the world.

May it strengthen your soul and bless you abundantly in all areas of your life!

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