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Sharing light and spreading goodness has always been part of me. I have ideas all the time of things I want to share.

Often they don't make it to a blog, email, or course. In this season of life, this is one way I can support and strengthen people around the world - in just a few minutes!

I can share, you can listen, we can all be edified and lifted to confidently go forward in living and fulfilling the purposes that are most dear to our hearts!

I invite you to join me!

Super Cool! You can even click "Message" and send me a voice message with your inspiration tip to be featured on a future episode! (or share your thoughts!)

If you like it, I'd really appreciate it if you would subscribe, share with your friends/communities and leave me a review!

You are the Best! Keep going, Keep Growing with Grace & be


Livia :)

Go Spread Love Today!

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