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What Others Have to Say . . .

β€œWhen I started to mentor with Livia I was surviving but a long way from thriving. We had taken a leap of faith & bought property & moved switching states & leaving a very good job in the process. We planned on starting a business & chasing our dreams but were struggling with adding a new baby, having too many things to do & often spending our time putting out fires & not focused on the most important things. Our marriage was struggling with the stress & with an increasing lack financially. Livia helped me to focus on my outlook & start taking regular steps to set & achieve my goals. She was encouraging & helped me be accountable & get way more accomplished than I had been. As a result of mentoring with Livia, our businesses are starting to succeed, I'm a kinder person in my relationships, my marriage is stronger & I'm working toward big goals that I know I'll achieve this year that I don't think I would have even dared try for before this experience! Thank you Livia!”

-Dan Christman (Rigby, Idaho)

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β€œI crossed paths with Livia at an event, where she was showcasing some of her books, doTerra products, life coaching sessions, and a free hand massage. She offered me a hand massage, and while I sat with her. She was so easy to talk to that I opened up to her about some troubling things I was facing. I’m glad I did because she was a great listener and also used some life coaching techniques, and her own personal touch in a way that I think really helped me. By the end of my session with her, I was feeling a lot lighter and more clear in my thoughts and in my heart. I came in with a heavy heart and heavy emotions and left feeling a lot more peace. She has good vibes.” -Penelope (Utah)

β€œI loved how you held space for me and allowed me to feel. You were extremely patient which helped me have a breakthrough and we experienced a very special, sacred moment.”

-Jamie Sanders -

β€œLivia’s faith shines through in all she does. She is a great leader and friend who empowers others by helping them know, see, and believe that they are capable of receiving their own divine direction and making intuitive choices... she inspires through action.”

- Hlumela Tibbett -

β€œI am a changed woman! I can’t stop thinking about how happy I am that I get to design my life the way I want! I am so grateful our paths crossed and for your help”

-Sandee Harrah -

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Are You The Next Success Story?

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