- Coming in 2024 -

A safe & supportive gathering space to grow in faith & personal relationship with Jesus!

Join Christians from around the world as we share our gifts, strengthen each other, & encourage devoted discipleship to Jesus Christ.

Life has plenty of challenges,

Let's Gather Together, Pray Together,

Encourage each other to Grow

& Stay...

Hi! I'm Livia.

I'm so glad you are here. I'm so excited to be gathering people who love Jesus and want to make Him the center of their lives.

Together we will cultivate a community of collaboration, care, and consecration. A place where your gifts and talents can be nurtured and your mission found and fulfilled.

We are Lighting Up the World with HIS LIGHT in 2024!

(no social media distractions!)

The Anchored Community is custom designed for YOU to Thrive

as you grow in relationship with Jesus Christ!

It works with full schedules, little kids, long days, and relaxing ones.

It works if you are in a season of growth or a season of grief.

We are here to uplift, edify, and strengthen...

not to add to any stress, overwhelm, or burnout.

It is a space of light, joy, hope, healing, and becoming!

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