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PLUS: Everyone who joins before December 1st will receive a BONUS CELEBRATION & CREATION LIVE WORKSHOP to ANCHOR Joy and Success from 2022 and go into 2023 with Confidence & Clarity that your Life and Goals are ANCHORED in Jesus!

Jesus is the Answer

Let's Get ANCHORED firmly to HIM!

We are building a community of Care, Coaching, & Connection

specifically designed for Christian Entrepreneurs, Creators, Coaches, & Passionate people!

We love Jesus.

We desire to talk of Christ, rejoice in Christ, and point others to Jesus in all we do.

We choose to be firmly anchored to and yoked with Jesus Christ

and unshaken in our testimony of Him.

Does your soul yearn for an uplifting supportive environment where you can be encouraged and strengthened on your own personal journey with Jesus?

We are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends... neighbors, visionaries, entrepreneurs...

We are committed to Being and BECOMING like Jesus Christ and sharing His Light in big ways and little ways... in how we live each day!

We are committed to building each other up...

to find health and healing in all areas of life, work, and business...

We come together to learn, to grow, to share our gifts and talents while BUILDING EACH OTHER UP

... and INFUSING HOPE, JOY, and POSSIBILITY in each other.

This community is designed to give you a safe place to land. A place to belong. To believe. To become. A place with care and consistency to help you practice Holy Habits, and make Purposeful Progress. We cheer you on in Creating with Clarity & Courage, as you step into Sanctification while feeling supported.

What We Believe...

We believe that PRAYER IS POWERFUL.

We believe that when we are connected to each other and ANCHORED IN JESUS CHRIST,

all things are possible and the heavenly knowledge and guidance blesses us all.

We believe that as we improve ourselves and strengthen those around us,

the goodness and light of Jesus Christ ripples out to bless generations!

Hi! I'm Livia.

I love Jesus. It is my great blessing to be the earthly steward of this community.

Yes, I am a mentor/coach AND I am not the one who claims to know everything and will tell you exactly what to do to get what I got.

because I DON'T WANT YOU TO HAVE WHAT I HAVE... I want you to have what is meant for YOU!

My desire is that you grow in Faith and a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ.

That you learn how the Spirit speaks to you.

To Cultivate your faith and have it grow and flourish.

Discover and Grow into your Divine Mission with grace and ease.


Love who you are and who you are becoming as you travel your unique path of sanctification with Joy and Gladness.

I have the spiritual gift of Faith and Love is my superpower. I am an excellent listener and often find the Spirit works through me to create big shifts quickly as I work with people 1-1 or in small groups.

I've done many programs and I have learned that what I really love is going DEEP and INTENTIONAL as we customize the program to what is MEANINGFUL to you.

You will not find a lot of fluff here. I'm all about being clear and concise, while accomplishing the objectives and helping you in a personal way with what you need.

We could do a 6-12 week class... but then things go back to normal and it's easy to revert back or be lost in decisions of where to go next.

This community is designed to give you a safe place to land. A place to belong. To believe. To become. A place with care and consistency to help you practice Holy Habits, Progress with Purpose, Create with Clarity & Courage, as you step into sanctification while feeling supported. (off social media and all it's distractions!)

I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I speak from that perspective and I honor your journey as you walk with Jesus.

If you love Jesus and your desire is to make Him the focus of your life, then you are in the right place. Everyone's journey is different and we will meet you where you are at and rally around you as we grow in grace and become like Him.

This is your personal invitation to join us. I would love to get to know you, to learn from you, and share what I have learned that we may all be lifted and edified.

Welcome to Anchored.

I do hope you choose in. {and love you even if you don't}

Have a Glorious day-

P.S. All things are working for your good. God is aware of you. There are specific missions you are called to fulfill to bless the world! Let's do this together!

Join for the Anchored CommunityI'm excited to connect with you and grow in faith together!
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