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Make Massive Progress on Your Projects

in a nurturing creative experience!

We gather together in a small group of 2-10 people and work on our creations! We will have mastermind time to get feedback and direction along the way and have LOTS of time to create and get things done!

If you would like to hang out with me in a very close way and nurture your dreams into reality, please fill out the form below and I'll invite you when it's all ready!

This is how it feels...

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Let's Connect & Create

June 26-27, 2023 (M-T)

South Ogden Utah


July 27-29, 2023 (Th-Sat)

Online via Zoom


Aug 30, 2023 (Wed)

Online via Zoom

Sept 2023


Do it again? Let me know if you are interested...

*I believe firmly in ASK & YE SHALL RECEIVE -- if you feel the call to come and have concerns,

please message me

You are Invited to Join Us at a Creation Mastermind!

This video will tell you a bit about 1-1 VIP Creation Days and give you and idea of the support and care my clients receive:

(in the Creation Masterminds- I am here for consultation- you will be doing the work.)

Helpful Answers...

What is a CREATION MASTERMIND? Is it a retreat?

No... and yes.

I actually don't like the word "retreat" it feels like you are running from something.

"Getaway" is like you need to leave your life and getaway.

I prefer to Joyfully Progress toward my purpose with passion. I haven't yet found the perfect word for it. If you have one, please share it with me.

We may may meet in a conference room for a shorter event. Longer ones will be in a hotel or house. Distraction free!

Sometimes we will do them online so people can join us from all over the world -- It has been very effective!

"Creation Mastermind" is a place where you come to connect and create with others while being nourished body, mind, and soul! It is a sacred space. An encouraging space.

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Is this right for me?

If you have a project you've been wanting to complete that needs some nurture, time, and attention-- YES!!!

If you know what to do and need some accountability -- YES!!

If you live in or are willing to travel to Davis/Weber counties (utah) OR want to join a virtual session -- YES!

If you love being with people who believe in your dreams and encourage you -- YES!

If you can pack up your project and to it somewhere other than home -- YES!

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What Kind of things do we create?

We each create the thing that is in our heart. Things we need for our business, our home, our family... or even just clarity in life.

Here are some ideas:

- Funnel, website, automation

- Brand Clarity

- Course Creation

- Podcast

- Graphics

- Meal Plan

- Homeschool Schedule

- Vacation Plan

- Home management system

- Photo organization

- Digital Clutter

- Email Cleanout

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What if I don't know what to create?

This could be the perfect experience for you to have space to think, to journal, to write, to discover what you want to create in your life, in your business, in your heart...

It could be to create PEACE & CLARITY!

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What Support is available to me?

Great Question!

We have mastermind time where you can ask questions, get feedback and guidance on your project while supporting others as well.

I show up 100% to help you in any way I can during mastermind time.

During creation time, I am working on my projects and you work independently.

You will have available:

  • Accountability

  • Goals & Clear tasks for creation time (you choose these)

  • Quiet, inspirational space to think/create

  • Resources & Connections shared

  • Nourishing food & conversation

  • Joyful movement

  • Coach/Mentor support to get through any sabotage & procrastination

  • Photographer/Graphic Design Support

  • Creative Marketing Ideas

  • Customized Systems and Strategies for life/home

  • Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual tools to thrive and expand

If you need more 1-1 support in creation, send me a message and let's talk about a VIP Creation Day or coaching package

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What is the Investment?

This is an investment in YOU! An investment in your Dreams...In your Peace... In your Clarity!

Time investment will be from 4hrs to 3 days, depending on the interest and my schedule.

It will vary based on the event time, location, room arrangement, and food plans. I'd plan $97-297 in most cases and up to $1997 if one day I do a luxury one.

*Honestly, my intention is to build friendships and get things done!! To support you in doing the things you want to do and send you home feeling accomplished and refreshed!! To show simple joyful ways you can replicate these experiences to get into your creation flow at home for future projects!

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How does it work?

1- Fill out the form below and get on the invitation list.

You will tell me about your desires for the time/structure.

2- I'll contact you when I have an event on the schedule

This is great-- since we have super small, intimate events of 2-10 people, you will get exclusive access to get reserve your spot before I send the invitation to others.

3- Buy Your Ticket & get Excited

Prepare your project and come ready to get things done!

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Put Your Name on the Invitation List

You will have priority status when tickets are available.

This tells me you are interested and is not a commitment to attend.

Your Dreams are Sacred - You are worth it! - Your Impact Matters!

Questions? Message Livia

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